Enclosure Electroplating Dielectric Machining Assembly Testing

New Northeast Electric Group High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd. (NHVS) ranks at the advanced level of the same domestic industry in the aspect of manufacturing capacity and technical equipment, and it possesses the manufacturing capacity for various types of high voltage switchgears. In order to cooperate with the country’s strategy to develop ultra high voltage products and satisfy the company’s demand for further development, NHVS newly built a manufacturing base that covered an area of 300,000 ㎡, with a total investment of RMB 1.2 billion and annual production capacity worth of RMB 6 billion.

Manufacturing capacity for enclosure (including surface coating and conductor manufacturing)

 All the fabrication of enclosure is carried out in the newly built enclosure workshop with the building area of 44,000m2.


Enclosure workshop

 This workshop has many imported MIG welding machines, TIG welding machines, welding systems, large-scale positioners, edge flanging machines, edge milling machines, plate shearing machines, large numerically controlled floor-type boring and milling machining centers and X-ray flaw detection devices. This workshop also has various mature technologies and essential equipment needed for enclosure manufacturing in high voltage switchgear industry, and can meet the technical requirements for material cutting, riveting, welding, machining, detecting and testing of various enclosures. Besides, the enclosure production line has also brought in the international leading welding smoke & dust removal equipment, greatly improving the working environment.


MG plate rolling machine (Italy)

 MG plate rolling machine is imported from Italy, manufactured by top plate rolling machine manufacturer in the world, and can realize pre-bending and plate rolling functions. 4 rollers can be programmed for linkage, and the maximum plate rolling thickness is 25mm, with the length of 4m.


Large numerically controlled boring and milling machine


Variable pole Emmett welding machine (the USA)


VPPAW welder

VPPAW is a large & thick aluminum-alloy welding technology adopted by the USA and the world in aerospace field. With the latest DSP technology in the world, VPPAW can improve the detection and system stability during welding process. This technology can also use diagram and data for programming, provide sufficient adjusting measures and interfaces for the operator to monitor the whole welding process, and achieve penetration welding and double-sided forming at a time for 16~25mm plates. NHVS has brought in four welding machines of this kind with different functions at the same time. VPPAW is used for rivet welding of busbar enclosure, adopting air-operated internal expanding welding device and precise sliding track to ensure the precision of assembly, and adopting double-end welding mechanism to ensure the efficiency and quality of the welding.

There are several shot blasting production lines and coating production lines which are designed and manufactured by famous surface treatment equipment suppliers in China. All the coating lines are program controlled and automatic temperature controlled, and can achieve various operating modes such as automatic, semi-automatic and manual circular motion of working pieces to meet the technical requirements and production capacity requirements for various coating parts.


Shot-blasting production line for large parts


Painting production line for large parts


Coating production line

There are seven automatic coating production lines which can satisfy the coating needs for various large enclosures and small & medium-sized parts.  All the painting production lines are manufactured by well-known coating design & manufacturing suppliers in China, and have reached domestic advanced level. The whole existing coating production lines are commonly adopting PROFIBUS bus control technology. PLC machine is used as whole process control, the drying temperature is precisely controlled, and the whole coating technique is completed on the line. The production line adopts up-filling & down-exhausting design to eliminate overspray fog effectively, the fresh air ensures the cleaning of coating work through filtration, and the overspray fog is eliminated through hydro spinning to assure security and environmental protection.


Conductor production line

The independent conductor production line has various sawing machines, welding machines, and metalworking machines for material cutting, welding and machining. It has the manufacturing capability for conductors of various high voltage switchgear products.